Forget Red America or Blue America; There’s Actually Six Americas. Which One Do You Live in?

We’ve all heard about red and blue states making up our politically polarized nation. But when it comes to climate change, there are more than just two Americas. In fact, Jennifer Marlon from the Yale Program on Climate Change (YPCCC) Communication says there’s actually six “Americas.”

Marlon spoke with Warm Regards co-host Jacquelyn Gill about the six Americas on our most recent episode, which you can listen to in full below.

The data to determine just how many people are “citizens” of each America comes from two national surveys the YPCCC does each year to understand Americans’ response to the issue of climate change. Specifically, the surveys try to determine what people think about the issue, how they feel about it, and what they are doing or not doing about it.

Be sure to keep an ear out for other fascinating factoids that have come out of the YPCCC’s work, like the ethnic demographic that is the most concerned about climate, the disconnect between what scientists say on the topic and what the public thinks they say and the single speech that moved the needle on the issue more than any other.

While you listen, you can follow along on the YPCCC website here.

Then be sure to take this 30-second survey to find out which America you live in.

For more, you can check out Yale’s Climate Opinions Maps.

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A podcast about life on the warming planet. Hosted by @JacquelynGill and @DrRamBio. Produced by @612to651

A podcast about life on the warming planet. Hosted by @JacquelynGill and @DrRamBio. Produced by @612to651