Listen: Did climate change matter at all in the 2016 presidential election?

This year’s election season was frustrating for anyone hoping to make climate change a bigger part of the national conversation. Yet again, all three debate moderators completely ignored the issue.

Kate Sheppard, an editor at The Huffington Post, captured the frustration felt by many after the third debate finished with no mention of climate change.

Moderators made time for questions about what the candidates admire about one another and the sexual trespasses of Bill Clinton (who is not running for office). But there somehow hasn’t been any time to ask about what is arguably the most pressing global issue currently facing humanity.

This week, we’re talking about how the politics have played out — or not played out — in this strange election. Kate Sheppard is our co-host this week. She joins us to talk about the national race, Clinton’s emails, ratification of the international climate agreement, and a whole range of other issues.


Warm Regards is hosted by Slate Magazine’s Eric Holthaus, a self-professed weather and climate geek who Rolling Stone once called “the rebel nerd of meteorology.”

Co-hosting is Andy Revkin, veteran environment reporter for the New York Times who has covered climate change from all angles for 30 years; and Jacquelyn Gill, a paleoecologist at the University of Maine who is an actual, real-life climate scientist who flawlessly navigates social media.

Together, they’re opening a window into the world of people devoted to finding out what matters most about climate change.

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A podcast about life on the warming planet. Hosted by @JacquelynGill and @DrRamBio. Produced by @612to651

A podcast about life on the warming planet. Hosted by @JacquelynGill and @DrRamBio. Produced by @612to651