Some reflections from Jacquelyn and Ramesh on our season so far and a note that we’ll be taking a brief intermission until after the US November election.

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Jacquelyn Gill
Hey everyone, Jacquelyn and Ramesh here. We’re going to be taking a short intermission for the next couple of weeks to get us through the election. But before we do that Ramesh and I wanted to just quickly check in with each other and with you to talk about what we’ve been learning so far and all the ways in which this has been a really exciting and surprising season for both of us. We came into this thinking we wanted to do these themed seasons just as a way to bring some depth and cohesion and some themes to the work that we’re doing with the show. Before we were just kind of just following our whims and we were a little bit all over the place in terms of our guests. And we really wanted the opportunity to take a deeper dive on a concept or theme. And data for the two of us seemed like a really good idea, both because we’re both scientists, but also because we wanted to dig in or dive into the surprising stories behind data as very human stories. But I feel like neither one of us really knew what to expect in the end. So, Ramesh, I want to know from you, what’s been your favorite moment or moments so far and why? …

As the US presidential election nears, we wanted to re-share a conversation we had on Warm Regards in 2018 with Nathaniel Stinnett, the founder and executive director of the Environmental Voter Project. Many of the things we discussed with him then, especially why lots of environmentalists don’t vote, are just as relevant today. After the 2018 conversation, Nathaniel shares an update about the organization’s work leading up to this year’s presidential election and how you can get involved beyond voting.

Make sure you have a plan to vote. …

This episode of Warm Regards, part of our season-long exploration of the often unexpected stories behind climate data, builds on our last episode’s conversation with Amy Westervelt and Emily Atkin on climate disinformation. We speak with John Cook, from Skeptical Science and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, and Lauren Kurtz, the Executive Director for the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, about the different ways that those who care about climate science and climate action can fight back against myths, disinformation, and intimidation.

Show Notes

You can find out more about John Cook’s work at Skeptical Science, Cranky Uncle, and the Center for Climate Change Communication. …

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